Cherry Hood Residential Workshops

The next Cherry Hood residential art workshop is

the weekend of

November 3rd and 4th 2018

Students and guests can arrive on Friday from 2.30ish,  settle in and join everyone in the homestead for dinner at 7pm.

The total workshop fee is $750 while the workshop alone is $560.00.  Workshops are from 9.00am on Saturday to 4pm and 9.30am Sunday to 4.30pm. 

Accommodation is $190 for two nights including all meals from Friday evening dinner to Sunday Lunch. 

Students can also stay on Sunday night for and extra $95. 

Please go to the contacts page and send a message if you need more info or would like to book in. 

 For more about Cherry Hood the artist Please visit 


Cherry Hood conducts 2 day workshops in her studio at Crystal Hill Farm, Students can stay in Cherry's beautiful stone "Crystal Hill Homestead" or in the spacious 3 bedroom apartment which is attached to the studio. Each student has their own bedroom.

(Crystal Hill is in Towrang which is on the Sydney side of Goulburn NSW and only 2 hours from Sydney CBD) 

Students can also stay on Sunday night if it suites their travel plans, its an extra $95. 

Coffee and tea and snacks are available at all times. You are also welcome to bring wine or drinks of choice. Some wine is provided with meals.

Students can arrive on Friday afternoon from 2.30pm, and settle in, unpack and meet every one. Only 6 or 7 students maximum can attend the course. Parents or partners who share a room or bed can also stay for $190 for 2 nights

Participants will automatically be booked in for their accommodation unless they let me know they want to stay localy. 

No need to book accommodation separately.

Classes each day include Cherry demonstrating her technique of making a large scale watercolour painting of a face on paper. This is not a portrait painting workshop. It's about making the most out of the amazing features and effects of the medium of watercolour paint.  Cherry will show students how she scales the image up for her very large works.

Cherry helps each student with their individual needs.
Students of all levels usually acheive at least one very good paintings by the second day of the workshop.


We will be working from photos,  a great photo can help you make a great painting! A great photo can inspire a great painting. 

We will be painting the face.

Cherry will provide photos for the students to choose from at workshops in her own studio.

Gerhardt Richter said "A Photo is a perfect image" 

What to Bring for Cherry Hood 

Watercolour Workshops

 Cherry has dozens of great photos for students to work from in her studio. 

Don’t leave your shopping to the last minute as sadly many art supply stores do not keep good stocks of Windsor and Newton watercolour paint and have to order it in for you.  

I have the full range of materials here if you have any problems finding Windsor and Newton, I have Arches 300 gsm paper for $15 per sheet. and brushes especially the 5cm wide flow flat brush, which is essential, for $15.

PAINT For the workshop you will need:

Windsor and Newton watercolour Paint in tubes 

Large tubes: 14ml  S1, my price for each of these 3 ; $26.50
Titanium White (not Chinese White as it is translucent)
Naples Yellow  (not 'Deep' please check)
Vandyke Brown. 

Small Tubes: 5 ml 
Ultramarine Blue S2   my price; $16
Alizarin Crimson S1 (permanent is very expensive and not necessary) My price; $15
Black (any type, Lamp, Mars, Carbon. ) my price; $15

OPTIONAL not essential, buy 5 ml tubes
Burnt Sienna $15
Prussian Blue $15

You definately need black and white watercolour paint, please do not let the art shop talk you out of it!

Heavier Arches papers are best as we will not be stretching your paper. 300gsm or more. Buy paper around the size of 760mm x 570mm.   Buy Arches smooth, rough or medium watercolour paper,  smooth is very beautiful but a little more difficult. please bring 3 sheets for a weekend course.

if you can't buy Arches let me know and I'll have some here for $15 per sheet.  Please do not bring printing paper its too absorbent. All-purpose paper is not absorbent enough

Bring a screw topped jar to take your wash of flesh colour home. (unless you are flying, in which case it may leak, not worth the mess!!!)

I have lots of containers here, but if you bring your own if you wish bring one or two large containers for water and all your smaller ones need to be wide enough to easily fit in your wide brush. Bring half a dozen small containers, shallow plastic yoghurt containers are good for mixing watery washes.  Takeway containers are very good. 

We will be pouring paint which has been mixed up in these containers. 

PALETTE. A large palette for paint. ( see photo below)

CONTAINERS as well as small containers with wide mouth such as take away container for mixing watery paint, Bring a couple of large wide mouth containers for water. bring a container which can be sealed to take home your flesh colour. (not recommended for flying guests as the air pressure makes containers leak)

Bring a couple of rolls of very absorbent soft paper towel,
 my favourite brand is Handee. Not only for cleaning up but vital for the painting process.

ring several large soft FLAT nylon brushes one about 2cm wide one 5cm wide (see picture).
Bring about 3 ROUND Nylon brushes from fine for detail to large for washes.  Check when you buy them that they have plenty of spring back when bent and that they form a good sharp point.
Get a one cm square finish stiff nylon or synthetic oil painting brush, these are great for scrubbing back some areas.
on’t buy natural fibres, such as squirrel and hogs hair,  unless of course you have some sable brushes.


Plastic water spray bottle


Please bring a Ruler, scissors, medium or fine waterproof pen or very fine texta and masking tape or sticky tape. 

A few very large sheets of cheap BOND or light CARTRIDGE PAPER or similar. Not for painting but for testing colours and cutting up for measuring. the cover sheet for your paper is perfect.




 this is my exhibition at Olsen Irwin Gallery, it ran from the 28th October to the 15th Novemebr 2015. photographer Jesse Hood

See the and Crystal Hill Homestead pages for info and images about your accommodation for the workshops. 


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